Work with Us

As a non-profit academic laboratory, we are open to work with any company, group or individual to conduct fundamental research for developing and testing new liquid propulsion technologies. Up until now, our lab has partnered with groups including Aerospace Corporation, UC San Diego and Kyushu Institute of Technology to develop and test additive-manufactured, regeneratively-cooled, 10-kN bi-propellant rocket engine, Balerion.

LPL is an academic lab that strives for excellence in every aspect. We are detail-oriented and seek to extract maximum learning from every opportunity to produce results. At LPL, we focus on developing and testing the next generation of liquid propulsion rocket technology. We are eager to explore the unknowns of rocketry and our members are extremely passionate about space. They come from different backgrounds – not only astronautical, aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineering, but also physics and computer sciences.

We use our variety of different backgrounds to innovate and remain adaptable in response to the increasingly dynamic space industry. The following provides more information for aspiring future partners.

For Companies

As a graduate student led lab, LPL is a group of highly technical engineers that conducts research requiring a constant source of funds for hardware & test operations and industry expertise. LPL is able to provide development and testing capabilities as well as data for analogous designs. We pride ourselves on being able to identify, analyze, and counter design challenges.

For Individuals

All of our members are passionate about space and aim to make human exploration of space a success. We dedicate a large portion of our time and efforts towards wrestling with tough challenges that arise while testing engines and feed systems. We feel a great sense of accomplishment when we are able to overcome challenges and push the laboratory closer to its goal: reaching space. We want to connect with individuals interested in our work and/or interested in supporting us. 

For Universities

LPL is an academic laboratory that publishes its work and seeks to network with other academic groups. By providing capabilities in various areas, LPL can partner with other groups to accomplish larger, collaborative projects. For example: groups focusing on vehicle design can partner with us to develop a complete vehicle.

For Space Agencies

As part of an academic entity, LPL conducts fundamental research into areas of propulsion development and testing. LPL aims to connect with Space Agencies and publish the findings of its research to help further the advancement of space exploration.

Partners & Sponsors