Why Sponsor LPL?

Looking back at 2023, this past year was one of the most productive and successful in LPL’s history. We also plan to continue our practice as a research lab that holds ourselves and our work to industry standards. 2024 will mark a step up in this area, with papers focused on our second Balerion testing campaign, the first collegiate retiring of a regeneratively cooled engine, and development of the testbed engine J&J.

These goads are ambitious, an element we view not as an obstacle, but rather as an exciting challenge. They do not come free of cost or resources, however. We hope to partner with you to bring these demanding goals to reality.

Donations can be made out to:

University of Southern California 

Office of Advancement 

Attn: Andie Self 

1150 South Olive Street, 17th Floor 

Los Angeles, California 90015

or please contact lpl@usc.edu

*Checks must be payable to  “University of Southern California”