Who We Are

Established in 2015, the Liquid Propulsion Laboratory (LPL) at the University of Southern California (USC) stands as a dedicated initiative to offer graduate students a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience and understanding of bipropellant liquid rocket engines and feed systems. Over the years, LPL has fostered a vibrant community that has expanded its reach to support and mentor a growing number of driven undergraduate engineers, further contributing to the accessibility of aerospace expertise and experience.

At the core of LPL’s mission is the cultivation of competent engineers, primed for the challenges brought forth by the space industry. This objective is achieved through the meticulous research, design, fabrication, and testing of varieties of liquid rocket engine technologies. By utilizing new advances in additive manufacturing and the wide availability of knowledge on propulsion in the present day, the lab is able to produce results that adhere closely to prevailing industry standards.

LPL has established itself as a prominent player in both academics and industry for its remarkable contributions. Undergraduate members pursuing graduate studies credit LPL’s role as a decisive factor in choosing to contribute to their academic journey. The impact of LPL extends into the professional realm as evidenced by the impressive array of companies where LPL alumni have chosen to work after completing their education.












Lead Engineer
Prometheus Responsible Engineer

Atlas Responsible Engineer

Software Lead

Throttle Responsible Engineer

Balerion Responsible Engineer

Media, Outreach and Business Lead


Responsible Engineer

J&J Responsible Engineer


Responsible Engineer

Media, Outreach and Business Lead

Advisors and Administrators

Dell Cuason

Department Business Manager

Linda Ly

Associate Research Administrator

Marlyn Lat


Luis Saballos

Director of Student Affairs

Prisila Cisneros Vasquez

Assistant Director of Student Affairs