Engine Development

To date, LPL has designed and manufactured six engines. Four of them were produced via additive manufacturing with the help of USC’s Center of Advanced Manufacturing and several companies. During each phase of engine development, our team strictly follow industry standards from start to finish. Designing, manufacturing, testing, and analyzing data at such a level ensures a longer life-cycle of our engines, which helps provide a professional learning experience, independent from the end results.

Current Capabilities for Engine Development:

  • LOx / Kerosene  → Balerion Dev. 2
  • LOx / Kerosene  → J&J Dev. 2
  • LOx / Kerosene  → Mike’s Fury
  • LOx / Kerosene  → Balerion Dev. 1
  • GOx / Kerosene → Jessie & James Dev. 1, Blue Steel (Retired)
  • NOx / Kerosene → KNOX Engine (Retired)