The LPL has a strong attitude towards international collaboration and it is seen both within the laboratory and through its partnership with the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), Japan. LPL currently is partnered with Kyutech to collaborate on developing liquid engine powered launch vehicles in several iterations with the final goal of reaching space. The first launch vehicle that Kyutech is developing is a Winged Reused Sounding Rocket 13 (WIRES#13). LPL is providing the entire feed system for two Balerion Engines. To note, no part of the WIRES#13 project is ITAR restricted.


  • Thrust - 2,250 lbf
  • Regeneratively and Film cooled
  • Burn Time - 25 sec
  • Propellants - LOX/KEROSENE
  • Chamber Pressure - 375 psi
  • OF ratio - 1.5
  • Chamber Temperature  - 2590 K
  • Specific impulse - 247 s
  • Total Mass Flow Rate - 4.13 kg/s

ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING - The engines will be quickly iterated and 3D printed out of Inconel-718. The engine development program will feature one development engine, one qualification engine, and two flight engines.

WIRES#13 VEHICLE - The purpose of this iteration is to develop and test both the recovery system and ground support equipment.

  • Length - 4.6 meters
  • Wet mass - 900 kg
  • Apogee - 6 km