Water Test Stand


A fully automatic water-flow test stand has been designed by LPL. The test stand aims to improve testing infrastructure at the lab, specifically in cold-flowing liquid rocket engine and feed system components. The goal is to be able to determine the flow coefficients of test articles with an accuracy of better than 1 percent. The system will also be used for examining injector spray formation, conducting atomization research, testing cooling systems, testing throttle valve functionality, etc, and as a learning tool for new lab members


  • Two main water lines to simulate fuel and oxidizer flow
  • Capable of flowing water at mass flow rates of up to 5 kg/s
  • Pressures of up to 900 psig
  • Automated data acquisition and control system

For more info click on Liquid Rocket Engine Component Water-Flow Test Stand

J&J Injectors Testing

The first usage of The Water Flow Test Test was to test Cv values for the J&J injectors.


Water Flow Test Stand Setup