The Liquid Propulsion Laboratory (LPL) is interested in recruiting students that are ‘A’ players. Here at LPL, we describe an ‘A’ player as an individual that is eager to challenge themselves mentally, willing to volunteer a significant portion of their time, and one that is excited about designing, building, and testing liquid rocket engines. Individuals will be expected to use the knowledge gained through academia and apply it in a hands-on extracurricular setting. Candidates should be technically competent in all that they do, highly resourceful, and continually driving new and creative ideas to improve all areas of the lab.

Preferred Skills:

  • Currently pursuing a graduate degree in the field of STEM. Undergraduates are not disqualified but must be highly active, demonstrate a willingness to learn, and strive to become a solid contributor to the team.
  • GPA of a 3.5 or higher
  • Hands-on engineering experience through lab research, previous projects, or work experience
  • Great communicator and works well in a team environment

Open Positions

Hydra Test Stand Development Engineer

We are looking for engineers that would be in charge of testing and operation of our workhorse test stand Hydra and workhorse engines J&J

Subsystem teams        Feed System                    Data Acquisition          Engine Design

Igniter Development Engineer

We are looking for engineers that will be designing, testing, and integrating reusable igniters for liquid rocket engines of LPL (Balerion, J&J)

WFTS Development Engineer

We are looking for engineers that would develop user-friendly operations and data processing for our Water Flow Test Stand to test liquid rocket injectors and feed system components

ECU Development Engineer

We are looking for engineers that are capable of designing, testing, and integrating electronics systems into electromechanical assemblies. The scope of the work range from PCB design, harness design, coding etc.



We are also looking into opening new teams in Fall 18 including flight simulation, fuselage design and more. Please specify in the application if you are interested in those positions.